My favorite vacation movie list 

Summer and Netflix, Ohhh Yes!!! Here is a list of the movies I have watched as the summer begins. Would I make it to 100 by the end of summer? Lets find out. ( list will be updated as I go on)

1. An educated.. Things are not always as they seem. This has become one of my favorite.

2. What we did on our holiday.. The kids are so adorable. Sometimes death do bring answers.

3. Labor day.. Very interesting. Falling in love with an unexpected person.

4. Match point.. Games,  Love, Lies, Affairs, Beautiful twisted plot. Loved it.

5. If i stay. This movie is so touching.

6. 5 to 7… wow.  Cheating the right way?

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7.  Cafe Society… I enjoyed this one, its sophisticated and an eye catcher. It opens the mind and helps to explain how people can be in love with each other even if they are with someone else.

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