Get excited about life!!

Sometimes when I vanish, I enter a world of peace and place where I get to sort out my thoughts. When I leave that place I feel renewed and fresh. I am excited about life all over again! Although there are  many disappointments on a weekly basis, I choose to find inspiration and the strength to go on living.

The first thing I would suggest to you if you are feeling down is understand that life does not stop there. It is only a phase and as you go through, there is something much bigger and exciting in store.

Secondly, take some time off. Wake up early and wait for the sun to rise. Admire the beauty as its rays brings forth light to the entire place. Remember point one, nothing last forever, the place was once dark now the sun has brought with it light!

Then, take a look around, list all the things a that you are greatful for. Your ability to speak, walk and run. If none of these apply to you, just the ability to have breath of life is a true blessing. Take some time to admire nature and be grateful.

Enjoy life! Go hiking( I am going take this advice for myself). Head to the beach, have a picnic, play some music and dance. Enjoy a great book, sit on your porch and let nature amaze you. When was the last time you listened to the birds sing? Plan new adventures and  journal the outcome.

Finally, turn your lemons into some great tasting juice! At times we feel that our situations are sour and we hate to deal with them. However I advice that you take time to deal with these situations and turn them into something great. It may be a rainy day, and you are disappointed because you had such great plans. Take this time to go outside and have some fun in the rain. Make some lovely memories.

Remember in everything give thanks.

Fall in love on a rainy day

Rainy days are my second favourite days. Some see it as a day where all plans are disrupted, however, take this time to do the following.

1. Fall in love all over again. This is the time where one gets to reflect on life, love and the future. Replay those great memories and get this butterfly feeling all over again.

2. Cuddling on a rainy day is the best. The place is cold and nothing is better than having a warm body next to you. At this point remember to be open and enjoy the time out that life has presented to you. Tell that person how much you love and adore them.

3. I love to read, but life sometimes get in the way. Rainy days are the best times to get a good book, curl up, relax and indulge yourself in that romance novel.

4. Watching a movie! You can sit or lay down and enjoy a beautiful movie. Having company is even better!

5. Bake some cookies.its the perfect family time, everyone can get involved. Get your favourite baking recipe and get started.

6. Tell stories. As a couple you can get to know each other even better. Share with your spouse things about your childhood. You can even make plans for the future. If you have kids, its the perfect time to share tales about their childhood, hug, kiss and cherish them.

I fired my friend


Sometimes our friends and family need to be fired from our lives.  We try so hard to reach out to them and give them our all.  We  try advice and encourage them to do what’s best for their well-being. However, there comes a time when we must give up and allow them to make their own choices and mistakes. Continuously pushing  will either frustrate them or drain us.  Sometimes it’s better to let go.

The grieving mother


As the day nears 28.04.16 I keep thinking.  Thinking about what would have been.
What would his smile be like,  his interest,  what hobbies he would posses.
  I catch my self coming close to tears on the way home,  thinking.  Thinking about what sport he would have played, what team he would support.  Whose smile would he would have had.  Thinking deeply about life and how unfair it may seem, but I will hold on to the promises made by God.  Promises which have keep me going 11months 27 days.  I won’t give up.  I chose to celebrate his existence. 

Right now I am feeling

OK.  I am feeling just fine but deep down am so scared of the next few days.  Especially Thursday,  which would have been my sons first birthday.  28.04.16. I am also scared of how I will feel on the 2nd May 2016, the day he left us.  Right now I am just OK. 

Controversial Love


Us. Mr and Mrs Emmanuel. If ever I doubted fate then when I met this guy I certainly had faith. Who would have thought that 10 years ago, while enjoying one of my favorite hobbies I would would have met my future husband.

Well, the story goes like this..

I saw this gentle man staring at me with this huge smile. This is basically the first thing i remember about my husband, his smile.Then, he offered for me to take a sit next to him on the bus. This was the beginning of an island adventure, where exploring the piton, taking sea baths and dancing to tropical music under the palm trees. I enjoyed my moments with him, however the day had to come to an end. Therefore, I said my goodbye and was gone. Gone for two years.

We had no form of contact, well back then Facebook really wasn’t an option. With time I learned to forget about the gentleman with the beautiful smile.

College had been stressful, after all my studies involved architecture which I love dearly, but with assignments accumulating I needed a break. It was then, when my soul was tired and restless, I saw the smiling gentleman. My smiling gentleman, occupied with the hands of another. We had perfect eye contact, and it was the longest, most beautiful stare, but then it had to end. That night was long. I regretted not speaking to him or at least getting his number. With that said, I too had my arms occupied.

Another year passed by, and still no contact, until that night when a second eye contact followed by a beautiful smile caught my attention. It was then subconsciously we both told ourselves we would be together, without spoken words. Time had its fun, the wait and wondering would finally be stopped. A decision needed to be made. And it was with that momentous piercing stare.

We met again, coincidentally as if time was on our side. We did utter words this time. Words followed by silly smiles and meaningless nothings. We decided to keep in contact even without thinking about it. It was done. Let the dating games begin.

Two years later I walked down that isle, with butterflies in my tummy, anticipation and excitement to meet this guy with the beautiful smile. This time we decided to capture and make it last. No more smiles from a far, no more late night wondering and no more what if’s.

When you are inspired to do something great, do so. Never give up on beautiful things and people.