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School is out for the summer

Everyone feels so happy and excited when school is out. Everyone except the parents that is. I am very elated to be on vacation and so I have decided to complete multiple projects.

#Vacation to do list

   Painting; I have extended the invitation to my husband and so we have agreed to venture on completing a painting. We have never painted before, however it will be something we will discover together.

Gardening; I have already began a small home garden and I am intending on growing herbs in there as well. This will be the new addition to the lots.

Sewing; Oh yes. I wont say I know how to sew. However I have done some simple things like, pencil cases and doll dresses. This summer I will be taking a step up. I have ordered a Brother sewing machine from Walmart and I intend on sewing a few things.                                           

   Exploring; there are so many places in the island of Saint Lucia that I have not seen, therefore I will be exploring as many rivers, beaches, waterfalls and other nature sites.

Reading; I cant believe this wasn’t the first on my list! The goal is to read 50 books by summers end. I am currently reading The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife, by Ruth Ann Nordin. I am enjoying it thus far.

  Fishing; My husband and I have has a fishing rod for two years now, and we haven’t had the time to head out. this is definitely a vacation to do list.

Other; This would include all other romantic things like long walks on the beach, park and having picnics.

Keeping fit

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