Being used by you


When someone takes advantage of your goodness or willingness,uses your resources, money emotions and such for his own gain, and at the end of the day you’re the one that suffered a loss, be it in material form or emotional.” unknown.
I have often felt this way and so I have purposely designed a wall to protect my emotions from such. I feel so violated and emptied when an individual only contacts me when they need to retrieve something from me. Worse yet when they dont even ask how am I doing, but jumps right in an ask for favors, money and help. 

I feel a sense of caring and I still try to stretch out my hands and do the best that I can. I also believe that God helps those who help themself. I mean, it would give someone great joy to help you in any situation if they realise that you are putting in some sort of effort. Too often persons tend to sit around, relax and expect to be given favors and dimes when the need arises.

If there is one individual I admire, is that human on the street hustling to provide for his family. It shows determination. Additionally some persons do tend to put themselves in the situations that they’re in. Yo out there enjoying all sorts of parties, and on the week day you have nothing to eat. ( yes these things do happen). If you know you cannot afford to keep up with your current lifestyle, there is absolutely nothing wrong in with downgrading. ( so who gives a hoot if people talk. Let them!) As long as you have your sanity, this is all that matters. 

I like to believe that I have many sides according to people, some may say am friendly and caring, others may say am stiff and hard to give. A few may say they wont even bother asking because I dont give. Truth is I do give, I do bless people  but I assess first. Some persons I have softer hearts for, but I do share from what father has blessed me with. When I give, I asses by saying has this person positioned themselves to do better than their current situation. Is my giving helping them get out of their situation or am I  enabling them to get comfortable and be content.( these are the ones who tend to use  people). When I give, does it push that person a step closer to their goals or do they get a bill paid, have no worries and two days later they are up in the club shaking what moma gave them. Some seem to be even happier than youself, yet still ask just to have that fund be used to purchase clothing or unnecessary things.  Therefore  call me stiff but I think before I give. 

After all Father did bless us with wisdom, we are to use it and make solid decisions. Therefore,I have decided to no longer be used, played with or flirted with ( emotionally) for any reason whatsoever. I will give when Father ask me too. 

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