Outside looking in

Its amazing, how much information we gather about someone by just one glance. We formulate our own perceptions and fill in the blanks with whatever makes a good story. Its even worse when we gather information from other individuals regarding that one individual, whom we have already made a decision about. 
When someone speaks positive into that persons life, the same individuak we had already made our minds up about, we start to wonder. We then question ourselves, is this really true? No one has spoken such great things about this person. Hmmmm. 

Its at that moment when we decide to take a step, and spend some time with the individual, listen to them, learn their passions, their pain,their victories and short comings. It is then we begin to appreciate and understand the individual. We begin to love and admire their strength, their story and a friendship bond is developed. Then it happens again, someone on the outside is now scanning and formulating their own perceptions of you. There your stand knowing that you once were in their position, on the outside looking in.

Get excited about life!!

Sometimes when I vanish, I enter a world of peace and place where I get to sort out my thoughts. When I leave that place I feel renewed and fresh. I am excited about life all over again! Although there are  many disappointments on a weekly basis, I choose to find inspiration and the strength to go on living.

The first thing I would suggest to you if you are feeling down is understand that life does not stop there. It is only a phase and as you go through, there is something much bigger and exciting in store.

Secondly, take some time off. Wake up early and wait for the sun to rise. Admire the beauty as its rays brings forth light to the entire place. Remember point one, nothing last forever, the place was once dark now the sun has brought with it light!

Then, take a look around, list all the things a that you are greatful for. Your ability to speak, walk and run. If none of these apply to you, just the ability to have breath of life is a true blessing. Take some time to admire nature and be grateful.

Enjoy life! Go hiking( I am going take this advice for myself). Head to the beach, have a picnic, play some music and dance. Enjoy a great book, sit on your porch and let nature amaze you. When was the last time you listened to the birds sing? Plan new adventures and  journal the outcome.

Finally, turn your lemons into some great tasting juice! At times we feel that our situations are sour and we hate to deal with them. However I advice that you take time to deal with these situations and turn them into something great. It may be a rainy day, and you are disappointed because you had such great plans. Take this time to go outside and have some fun in the rain. Make some lovely memories.

Remember in everything give thanks.