To do list



#Vacation to do list

  1. Painting; I have extended the invitation to my husband and so we have agreed to venture on completing a painting. We have never painted before, however it will be something we will discover together.
  2. Gardening; I have already began a small home garden and I am intending on growing herbs in there as well. This will be the new addition to the lots.
  3. Sewing; Oh yes. I wont say I know how to sew. However I have done some simple things like, pencil cases and doll dresses. This summer I will be taking a step up. I have ordered a Brother sewing machine from Walmart and I intend on sewing a few things.                                           
  4. Exploring; there are so many places in the island of Saint Lucia that I have not seen, therefore I will be exploring as many rivers, beaches, waterfalls and other nature sites.
  5. Reading; I cant believe this wasn’t the first on my list! The goal is to read 50 books by summers end. I am currently reading The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife, by Ruth Ann Nordin. I am enjoying it thus far.
  6. Fishing; My husband and I have has a fishing rod for two years now, and we haven’t had the time to head out. this is definitely a vacation to do list.
  7. Other; This would include all other romantic things like long walks on the beach, park and having picnics.

List will be updated as new adventures pop up

2 thoughts on “To do list

  1. Irvin Smith says:

    You have some of the same items on your “To Do” list that are on ours. We accept invites by the way. It is sad that we sold our fishing rod when we fell on hard times a few years back. Not that we are out of the woods.

    Make the best of every moment. I will let you know if we were successful.

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  2. Christella Leonce says:

    Beautiful ideas to spend the summer vacation. I will definitely steal some ideas like the garden and exploring the island. Oh not forgetting the reading, I have started and hopefully will as many as possible.

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