Fall in love on a rainy day

Rainy days are my second favourite days. Some see it as a day where all plans are disrupted, however, take this time to do the following.

1. Fall in love all over again. This is the time where one gets to reflect on life, love and the future. Replay those great memories and get this butterfly feeling all over again.

2. Cuddling on a rainy day is the best. The place is cold and nothing is better than having a warm body next to you. At this point remember to be open and enjoy the time out that life has presented to you. Tell that person how much you love and adore them.

3. I love to read, but life sometimes get in the way. Rainy days are the best times to get a good book, curl up, relax and indulge yourself in that romance novel.

4. Watching a movie! You can sit or lay down and enjoy a beautiful movie. Having company is even better!

5. Bake some cookies.its the perfect family time, everyone can get involved. Get your favourite baking recipe and get started.

6. Tell stories. As a couple you can get to know each other even better. Share with your spouse things about your childhood. You can even make plans for the future. If you have kids, its the perfect time to share tales about their childhood, hug, kiss and cherish them.

To do list



#Vacation to do list

  1. Painting; I have extended the invitation to my husband and so we have agreed to venture on completing a painting. We have never painted before, however it will be something we will discover together. https://www.pinterest.com/naviemmanuel/art/
  2. Gardening; I have already began a small home garden and I am intending on growing herbs in there as well. This will be the new addition to the lots. https://www.pinterest.com/naviemmanuel/home-gardening/
  3. Sewing; Oh yes. I wont say I know how to sew. However I have done some simple things like, pencil cases and doll dresses. This summer I will be taking a step up. I have ordered a Brother sewing machine from Walmart and I intend on sewing a few things.                                                     https://www.pinterest.com/naviemmanuel/sewing/
  4. Exploring; there are so many places in the island of Saint Lucia that I have not seen, therefore I will be exploring as many rivers, beaches, waterfalls and other nature sites.
  5. Reading; I cant believe this wasn’t the first on my list! The goal is to read 50 books by summers end. I am currently reading The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife, by Ruth Ann Nordin. I am enjoying it thus far.
  6. Fishing; My husband and I have has a fishing rod for two years now, and we haven’t had the time to head out. this is definitely a vacation to do list.
  7. Other; This would include all other romantic things like long walks on the beach, park and having picnics.

List will be updated as new adventures pop up