When “the pain” pops up

We all go through tough times, each vary in its level of difficulty. Eventually we learn to deal with these situations or shove them under the table and move on with our lives. However, there comes a time when memories of these situations  pop up and flood our body with emotions. The body inturn gets confused and tries to battle the feelings we encounter. The eyes begin to release pain in the best way it sees fit to. The heart pounds at a rapid pace and the pressure it feels causes the brain to comand the mouth to open and scream.This level of pain stems from hurt which no amount of medication can cure.

In times like these, breathe and think of happy thoughts as difficult as it may be. Take a walk, write or hold on to the pillow and allow the pain to run its course. Right then there is a feeling of ease and  placing these memories  into a box in the mind becomes easy once again, until they decide to pop up once more.

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